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    What do I need to know?

    The sauna fits between 4-6 people.  Because Sauna cycles are shorter, its still great for a gathering of people.  You will want to rotate between hold and cold cycles.  

    Sauna cycles should generally be around 15 minutes of heat. If you are hosting multiple people, keep in mind that you will be rotating between hot and cold cycles.

    We deliver at no charge 15 miles from Nisswa.  After that radius, we charge $2.50 / mile.  Contact if you have questions!

    We will make sure you feel comfortable with the stove before we leave in your care but a few important notes; 

    • Stay hydrated. Hydrate with plenty of water or tea both before and after your session.
    • Relax. Breathe. Enjoy the heat.
    • Listen to your body.  This isn’t a competition to see who can stay in the hot room the longest. Feeling too hot? Notice your heart rate escalating? Leave the sauna and cool down. We suggest using the sauna in cycles. 10-15 minutes of hot and then the same cold cycle time before getting in again. 
    • Be kind to the beautiful craftsmanship and make sure you keep the sauna room clean; don’t wear shoes and use a towel on the benches (and yourself).  

    Within 2 weeks: 25% cancellation fee, or re-schedule free of charge


    Within 1 week: non-refundable

    Find a flat space, either in your driveway or other flat area to set up. We will drop the sauna trailer off at your location. The trailer door will need to remain open the entire length of rental so please allow for extra 4 feet of space to accommodate. Total space needed if only renting the sauna is 16′ x 7′.

    If the luxury rental awaits you, please plan to have additional footprint to accomodate for lights, chairs & bonfire. We will be in contact with you after your booking to create a plan for your sauna experience. We are always happy to have questions, email us!

    Your Sauna Awaits

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